Satomi Sakuma

佐久間 里美

Snoezelen Landscape



I usually take photographs with film under natural light. When I held a digital camera for this project, it felt strange, and the artificial electrical lights jumped into my eyes. It was a sensation that I had never felt when using a film camera, and I immediately associated it with Snoezelen in my mind.
Snoezelen is a theoly on how to relate to people with severe mental challenges, which was born and developed 25 yers ago in a facility in the Netherlands. The term is a neology which combines the Dutch words for “to smell” and “to snooze.” It is also a practice for providing comfortable sensible stimuli to user so as to allow them to enjoy themselves and relax. It has recently gone beyond the use for disabilities, and it is being introduced in diverse places to heal physical and mental tiredness from everyday life.
It would be wonderful if people could, through my photograhs, enjoy such sensual stimuli.
This is the Snoezelen I found in Tokyo.